Photo of a farm field near rhomes.

Glyphosate found pregnant women living near farms

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the weedkiller Roundup, is showing up in pregnant women living near farm fields – that raises health concerns Cynthia Curl, Boise...
Photo of cat scans of a human brain

Alzheimer’s research benefits a wide range of genetic studies

Alzheimer’s disease is partly genetic − studying the genes that delay decline in some may lead to treatments for all Steven DeKosky, University of Florida Diseases that run...
Photograph of fruits and vegetables in a heart-shaped serving bowl,

A prescription for nutrition

Prescriptions for fruits and vegetables can improve the health of people with diabetes and other ailments, new study finds Kurt Hager, UMass Chan Medical School and...
Photo of a hand holding a burning marijuana cigarette.

Cannabis smoke is not harmless

Many people think cannabis smoke is harmless − a physician explains how that belief can put people at risk Beth Cohen, University of California, San Francisco Though...
Photograph of a small child walking towards a school bus

How parents can help kids deal with back-to-school anxiety

Elizabeth Englander, Bridgewater State University As a child, I had a great deal of anxiety. If you’ve ever seen me speak in public, that might...
Artist rendering of hman lungs surrounded by viruses

Long COVID-19 linked to overactive immune response

Long COVID-19 and other chronic respiratory conditions after viral infections may stem from an overactive immune response in the lungs Harish Narasimhan, University of Virginia Viruses that...
Image of an uncooked portion of fresh salmon

Omega-3 fatty acids appear promising for maintaining lung health

U.S. National Institutes of Health Omega-3 fatty acids, which are abundant in fish and fish oil supplements, appear promising for maintaining lung health, according to...
Drawing of various fruit , vegetables and nuts

Fiber is your body’s natural guide to weight management

...rather than cutting carbs out of your diet, eat them in their original fiber packaging instead Christopher Damman, University of Washington Fiber might just be the key...
Photo of a small lake covered in algae.

Avoid Harmful Algae and Cyanobacteria

Harmful algae and cyanobacteria, sometimes called blue-green algae, can produce toxins (poisons) that can make people and animals sick and affect the environment. Learn...
Photo of young women

Hair straightening chemicals associated with higher uterine cancer risk

NIH study finds Black women may be more affected due to higher use. US National Institutes of Health Women who used chemical hair straightening products were...

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